Apple was right to release the iPhone XR. And that’s why


The protracted decline that the global smartphone market experienced in the first quarter of 2019 and can’t get out of it in any way so far has had the least impact on Apple. Thanks to the iPhone XR, which has become the best-selling device in many countries, the Cupertino-based company outperformed its main competitors, Samsung and Huawei. According to Canalys, a consulting firm, the iPhone XR alone sold 4.5 million copies in January-March in North America alone.

The contradictory attitude of users towards the iPhone XR , which accompanied the start of its sales, apparently, gradually began to change to a positive one. This trend is observed in many countries around the world – from the USA and the UK to China and even Russia, where the iPhone XR is in the top 3 best-selling devices. However, the American market is considered to be the most indicative in this situation, where the conditionally accessible flagship Apple is twice as much in demand as its corresponding Galaxy S10e status.

The most profitable iPhone

Canalys analysts explain the sharp jump in demand for the iPhone XR, which is now observed worldwide, by the spread of the trade-in program. It is highly popular, allowing users to hand over their old iPhone to the manufacturer and get a significant discount for the purchase of the iPhone XR. This program allows you not to sell the device in the secondary market, but simply contact the nearest store and get a guaranteed amount.

But in Pakistan, trade-in cannot be called the main sales engine of the iPhone. Therefore, retailers compensate for the high cost of a smartphone with a so-called retro bonus. This is a refund of a part of the amount spent, which is refunded to the account with real money or bonus points. Its size can reach 10 thousand rubles, which in terms of the already not very high cost of the iPhone XR is an extremely profitable deal for many.

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