Best free backup software 2019


While data backup is not an exciting concept, it is of great importance. If you do not put critical data on your system aside, you may experience irreversible results in the event of a disaster.

Unfortunately, many people do not take measures without a disaster. Especially if our data in technological devices is not backed up in a place, it can leave you in the best possible situation in the face of disk failure, device failure, theft or ransomware that has become widespread recently.

So where should you start? The simplest method is to copy your data to another disc. However, it is not practical, such as software that makes it automatic, but it will also take your time.

A regular backup plan is especially important for small businesses. Thus, you protect the accounting, sales and logistics information from being lost.

A good backup software should also be able to encrypt the data by taking the security as important as the option to backup, the number of backups, the media or the location to be backed up.

Let’s get to know the backup software in the market.

EaseUS Todo Backup Free

In some cases, backing up a single file like a database can also be a priority for you. In such cases, EaseUS’s solution can be backed up to a single file as well as to disk partition or to copy the whole system.

Best free backup software 2019

The smart backup option can back up files in frequently used locations. Also supports cloud storage software, is able to process as soon as possible with increased backup. The free version of the software that provides backups at a specific date and time, has backup from the command line, data transfer from PC to PC, Outlook backup to the full version.

Cobian Backup

Although it seems a bit complicated for new entrants to the backup world, it’s a backup tool with advanced features. They will be backed up for the first time, and if they take some time, it won’t be long before they get a good result.

With more than one backup task installed and running at the same time, Cobian can transfer files to the local disk, a location on the network and the FTP server. Backups that can be compressed to save space from storage can also be safely protected with encryption.

The only disadvantage of Cobian Backup is when it comes to replacing backups. While a simple wizard can do this step by step, it’s up to you to copy the files back. Archive files to open and remove encryption also included in this work.

Paragon Backup & Recovery to

Making the backup as simple as possible, this software solves everything with simple wizards. Paragon, which can back up the whole computer, disk partitions, selected files and folders, can also operate according to location or file type.

The software, which can be moved according to a certain schedule, starts to automate jobs after selecting the backup type. With an effective CD and USB-based data return system, the software brings your data back even when you can’t get into Windows. All you have to do is create a free account Tek



It is beautiful from outside the inside of the FBackup, which has a reminiscent of Office, but with a non-heartwarming interface. You can quickly navigate your way through the wizard mode and simply get your work done, or if you want, you can revise all of the options in advanced mode to get the feeling of a detailed backup solution.


Backing up files and folders, the software can also write files to Google Drive as well as local, network, or removable drives. FBackup, who is able to plan for up-to-date backups, does work with the ads inside to convince you to upgrade, but you can easily ignore it if it’s not too disturbing and not interested. Free software includes encryption, backup to FTP, email notifications, incremental backups.

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