Galaxy S10 series battery sizes leaked!


There are new developments in the Galaxy S10 series, which are still the most popular days. Now, the battery sizes of the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S10 series have been leaked.

Battery sizes of the Samsung Galaxy S10 series leaked!

Based on the information discovered by Nashville Chatter , the Galaxy S10’s cool battery has finally become clear.

If you remember, on the news that we have shared previously, the standard S10model 3500mah specifying the future with battery, S10 Plus is the model  4100mah we said that we come across in size with a battery.

Galaxy S10 series battery sizes
Photo: Nashville Chatter

As you can see from the leaked certificate today, we can see that  the battery sizes of the Galaxy S10 series are quite close to what has been said so far.

In the leak , the S10 models, which face the EB-BG970ABU, EB-BG973ABU and EB-BG975ABU model numbers , are hosting a  3,000 mAh , 3,300 mAh and 4,000 mAh battery respectively.

Galaxy S10 series battery sizes

No official statement on this leak has been made yet. However, according to the information obtained by sources close to Samsung, the S10 models are estimated to have the same size of the battery leaks.

What do we expect with Samsung Galaxy S10?

The S10 models will be powered by the Exynos 9820  or  Snapdragon 855 processors according to the region where they will be sold  .

Apart from this, 3 different basic models will meet us in the S10 series . The S10 and S10 Plus models will be available in two different RAM capacities of 6 and 8 GB , while the entry model will host 4 GB of RAM .

The S10 and S10 Plus will be equipped with a fingerprint reader, while the S10 Lite will come with a single rear camera and a standard fingerprint reader. Finally, you can check the leaked retail prices of the S10 series right below .

  • – Galaxy S10E 4 GB RAM / 128 GB internal memory –  889.34$
  • – Standard S10 6 GB RAM / 128 GB internal memory –   1060$  
  • – Standard S10 8 GB RAM / 512 GB internal memory –  1346$
  • – S10 Plus 6 GB RAM –  1197.59$
  • – S10 Plus 8 GB RAM –  1471.58$
  • – S10 Plus 12 GB RAM –   1825.49$
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