10 Tricks You Need To Know To Get Professional Photos


Professional photography requires experience and knowledge. It is very difficult to capture professional frames without experience and knowledge . Today a lot of cameras settings automatically, even as still to be considered the point will occur without complying photo frames can be considered successful. For example; If you don’t use the flash when you take a picture of someone against the sun, you will see a dark picture. Or if you do not use a tripod , you cannot make sharp shots at high aperture values.

Tips for Professional Photos

1- Camera Selection

If your aim is to shoot professionally, it is recommended that you choose between DSLR machines. If you don’t have a professional expectation, if your aim is to take only moments, then more economical and compact machines will work.

2- Selecting the Lens

Whichever subject you take, it is a very sensitive subject to choose the most appropriate lens. There are different lens models used for different focal lengths. These standard lenses, telephoto and wide-angle lens as a group and yl to know.

3- Using Tripod

It is difficult to carry a tripod with you, but when shooting with a tripod, both the jolts will be eliminated and you will have the chance to use high aperture values. If possible, have a tripod with you because you may need more and more squares every time and in any case.

4- Correct Use of Light

Light, the most important factor determining the quality of pictures dr . Especially doing portraits k Pay attention to the absence of the person you’re shooting from behind the light.Otherwise, the opposite light will make the face completely dark. The right method is to either use the flash or take the light behind you.

5- Quickly Photographing Objects

When taking pictures of fast objects (football match, car and horse racing, etc.) , you will need to increase the exposure of your camera . It is recommended that this speed be 1 / 500s. In addition, the shooting mode of your camera must be in burst.

6- Attention to the horizon line

If you pay attention to the horizon z see the curve you take photos. As a rule of thumb, the horizon line must be parallel to the bottom of the photo frame. For the most convenient use, you can use the “Grid View in feature on your camera’s LCD screen.

7- Use Your Battery Saver

If you do not have a spare battery, you should use your battery economically. Of course, the most cost-saving LCD screens are the most power consuming. Using the flash at the same time reduces your battery. The less time you use the LCD screen and the flash , the more time you can take pictures. Keep your charger with you just in case.

8- Use and Distance of Flash

Flash should be used in environments where light is not sufficient. The flash is usually around 3-4 meters in size. You should be as close as possible to the subject as dark as possible. The flash will be used to reflect the flash rather than pointing it directly at the subject, as the flash will increase the brightness effect on the subject.

9- Maintaining the Camera and Lenses

The camera’s sensitivity to dust is high. Try to keep your device away from dusty and sandy environments. He bjektif your se cleaning of optical materials as well as clear for the manufactured product. Always have a special cloth for you to wipe your lens glass. Never use products like cologne. Professional maintenance of your machine and lens once a year.

10- Bags, Cases and Accessories Important

Use special bags to carry and maintain the machine and lenses. Choose the backpacks you would like to use on your shoulders. Always carry the lenses and accessories in their case.Have at least 1 spare battery and memory card in your bag.

Remember that when you get the chance to capture the best photo frame, you won’t know.Your backup card when your memory card is full, your backup battery when your battery is depleted, it may be the best you can take if you don’t have a tripod or flash in very dark conditions.

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