How to reduce the screen brightness on Android below the minimum


In addition to the aspect of maximum brightness, there is another one – minimum brightness. It depends on how comfortable it is to use a smartphone at night. It’s bad when the Samsung Galaxy blinds its display, and you can’t do anything about it since the brightness adjustment slider is already in the extreme position.

Fortunately, there are several solutions that will improve the comfort of interacting with a device without light. The problem of too high minimum brightness is also badly affected, as not bright enough. It also has a negative effect on sleep and the general mood of the user. This is what we suggest you do if you are worried about this problem.

How to make the Samsung Galaxy screen darker

There are two alternative ways that allow you to adjust the screen brightness on a smartphone so that the operation of the device does not cause inconvenience in the absence of lighting. The first involves the use of standard functionality of South Korean brand devices, and the second third-party application.

Turn on the blue light filter

On modern phones, not only the Galaxy brand has display settings for filtering blue light. This radiation, which adversely affects our vision, and often prevents us from falling asleep. 

In order to enable this filter, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Find the app “Settings” among the rest and tap it.
  2. There, find the “Display” section and select the “Blue Light Filter” menu.
  3. You can turn it on immediately by moving the switch to the active state.
  1. Inside this menu there are parameters, and you can either constantly use this filter or turn it on automatically according to the schedule. 

Set the appropriate parameters and use. 

After activation, the phone screen will have a yellow tint that will not “press” on the eyes. In the blue light filter settings, you can select transparency if you do not like the yellowness of the display.

Install the Lux app

The Lux app works on a different principle, and it reduces the screen brightness but does not protect our eyes from blue light. It is completely free, which means you can try whether it solves the problem with insufficiently low brightness.

Lux is available on the Google Play Store app store. Follow this link, install on your machine and report the results.

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