iOS 12.1.4 update released [FaceTime problem solved!]


The iOS 12.1.4 update, which corrected the FaceTime error, came for supported iOS devices. Here are the details 

Apple’s latest release of iOS 12.1, a technology company, brought with it an interesting problem. The highly responsive problem could be heard even if the other party did not answer when another device with an iOS 12.1 was searched by FaceTime from a charged device.

 The situation, which brought along these very high security risks and which also threatened personal privacy, was interpreted as a public scandal. Apple announced that this error would be solved with the next update being worked on, and the FaceTime problem with the recently released iOS 12.1.4 was fixed.

To install the update for supported iOS devices released gradually in Turkey Settings> General> Software Update may follow the path, you can perform the installation process with a few taps. Especially If you have iOS 12.1 installed on your device, we recommend that you do not waste time.

What else did the update bring?

On the other hand, the update has other capabilities. The new version, which is now standard on every mobile operating system update, is also available in the new iOS update. Apart from that, we can state that no additional features are available, and that a security-oriented update is published.

Finally, Apple is expected to release its next iOS update in the coming weeks.

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