Samsung Galaxy S10 with 5G support will get a 6.7-inch screen and 4 main camera lenses


Samsung’s smartphone with support for fifth-generation networks will officially be called the Galaxy S10 5G. In fact, the rumors about him were confirmed, so Samsung did not manage to make a surprise.

The smartphone has a huge 6.7-inch Infinity-O screen with a built-in fingerprint sensor that uses Qualcomm ultrasound technology. On the back side, there are 4 main camera lenses. The fourth plays the role of a multifunctional 3D camera that can take portrait photos and also improves the experience of augmented reality (the sensor helps to measure the distance to objects). The remaining three modules are identical to the Galaxy S10 Plus.

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This means that the main 12-megapixel sensor has a double aperture, the second 12 MP model offers an optical approximation to objects without loss of quality, and the third 16-megapixel model is equipped with ultra wide angle lenses to capture more photographing and recording video.

Dual front camera has a 3D sensor as an addition to the 10-megapixel conventional selfie module with Dual Pixel hardware autofocus. 
Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is built on the Snapdragon 855 platform. It seems that there will not be a version based on the Exynos 9820 processor, since the manufacturer is not going to release it on the Russian market. In our country, there is still no support for fifth-generation networks, and the launch is planned not earlier than in a year. 

The capacity of its battery is 4500 mAh, and thanks to the 25-watt charging, which comes in the kit, the phone will be charged on a par with the S10 Plus. With him in the box is a standard power adapter with an output power of 15 watts.

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The disadvantages of the Galaxy S10 5G include the absence of a microSD memory card tray. He also does not have dvuhsimochnoy support than other devices of the series can boast. There will be 256 GB of internal memory and 8 GB of RAM. 

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As soon as this model becomes commercially available, enthusiasts will immediately conduct “experiments” on it. First of all, they will test it in synthetic benchmarks, and then they will say how fast 5G works. 

At the moment, the only countries that plan to launch next-generation mobile networks in the near future are South Korea and the United States. This is where Samsung will officially sell its S10 5G.

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