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Not so long ago, the Mobile World Congress 2018 was held, where the new flagship of the company, the Galaxy S9, was introduced. However, users did not have time to study all the features of the new product, as they already crave to know everything about the future of the Samsung Galaxy S10. The network already appears a lot of rumors and all sorts of leaks, but we will try to find out what is true and what is fake.

First of all, you should pay attention to the rumor about the solid-state batteries in the devices of the future generation. According to technical parameters, such batteries have an increased reserve of energy consumption in smaller dimensions, and also do not overheat and do not explode, unlike conventional lithium-ion batteries. Despite all the colorful design, the introduction of such a battery in the Samsung C10 can slightly slow down the release date of the smartphone. As they say in the company, the developers have not fully studied all the nuances of the technology.

It is also known that the company intends to move away from the Galaxy S name in a different direction. At the moment, there are suggestions that the new flagship will be called Galaxy X or some similar name. Obviously, this is due to the new design, which will have a future smartphone.

Galaxy S10 release date

By tradition, all devices of the Galaxy S line will be presented at the Mobile World Congress , which takes place in the first quarter. Accordingly, the future flagship is expected not earlier than the January-March period of the next year.

According to sources close to Samsung, Samsung Galaxy S10 will be released in the middle of January 2019.

 Dee Jay Koch, who is the head of the mobile division of a Korean company, said that most likely the name of the future “Galaxy” will be somewhat modified. It is worth noting that the line itself will remain called Galaxy, but its single-letter name “S” will be replaced by something else.

Samsung has already made a similar decision in the case of the Galaxy A line of budget smartphones, when all the existing Core, Prime, Mini and other fellows were combined into one “A”. It seems that now is the turn of the name change flagship smartphones. Let’s hope that with the new name, the smartphone will get a new look.

Again, do not forget the possible delay in the official release of the Galaxy S10 due to the introduction and testing of a new type of battery. After all, the company certainly does not want a repetition of the old incident with exploding batteries.

Specifications Samsung Galaxy S10

The exact characteristics of the Galaxy C10 are still unknown, however, there are already quite a few leaks and insiders about the screen, processor, camera, RAM and some features. We suggest you to get acquainted with them.

  • Screen – 4K Ultra HD Super AMOLED
  • The processor is the last-generation 7nm Qualcomm Snapdragon at the time of launching the production of the smartphone (presumably, the Snapdragon 855).
  • The camera is the main one (18 megapixels), frontal (10 megapixels, double with optical stabilization and phase autofocus).
  • RAM – 6 GB, memory type – LPDDR5.
  • The main memory is 64, 256 or 512 GB.
  • Battery – ~ 3800 mAh.
  • Networks – 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G (600-700 MHz).

At the moment, that’s all that is known. However, even this list is not accurate, so take everything with some criticism. But, having this list, it is worth examining in detail each item, as well as some specifications of the future flagship.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen

In the future, the smartphone expects us 4K Ultra HD Super AMOLED display, which will cover at least 93% of the entire front panel of the device. In addition, Samsung continues to sow rumors about a patent of a flexible display, which is quite obvious to be used in the Galaxy S10.

The point is that the new “Galaxy” can get a screen that covers the front, one side and part of the rear panel. The display itself will be made in a single form factor, which according to the design idea should “envelop” the smartphone. Relevant photos are already on the Internet.

A similar idea has already been implemented in Meizu Pro 7, which has 2 displays. The second screen is designed to display notifications and hours. In addition, the rear display of Meizu Pro 7 has found its use as a mirror for selfies. However, the rear screen was a separate, rather than a single whole with the front panel, but the idea of ​​the developers was very interesting. We hope that Samsung will be able to translate the patent of a flexible display into practice, and Samsung S10 will become a truly revolutionary and new device in all senses.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Processor, RAM, Network

As befits all the flagships, the future Samsung Galaxy S10 will have the most top-notch features to satisfy all user requests. It is expected that the heart of the device will be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 series, made on the 7-nanometer process technology . This processor, Qualcomm, may create in collaboration with Samsung.

The amount of RAM and user memory is still only a guess. Obviously, the user will be allocated about 256 GB for storing applications, photos, videos and other multimedia data. It may be released version of the smartphone with 512 GB of memory on board. It is not known exactly how much RAM the future Galaxy C10 will have. However, Samsung plans to use chips with the type LPDDR5, which significantly exceed the current LPDDR4.

It is also known that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will accurately support the 5G generation networks. This network allows you to transfer data with a maximum delay of 1 millisecond at a speed of 15 GB / s. It is worth noting that MTS, Megafon, Beeline and Tele2 are actively working on the 5G network in Russia. A record has already been set, in which the work of the new generation network was tested – the Huawei smartphone using 5G from Megaphone reached a speed of 35 GB / s.

Note that 4G reaches a maximum speed of 1 GB / s with a delay of 10 milliseconds. Presumably, the Russians will be able to enjoy the new speed not earlier than mid-2018.

DesignSamsung Galaxy S10

What can distinguish the Samsung S10 from the crowd of Chinese copies? That’s right, a design that will exceed all the expectations of critics. If the Korean experts, nevertheless, call the new smartphone Galaxy X, then it clearly has to surpass the direct competitor – the iPhone X.

Given that the future device will have a curved display, which was written earlier, you can roughly imagine a new design. It should be a solid block with curved side frames as in the Galaxy S9; the screen occupies almost the entire front panel – at least 93%; from the front of the display through one side frame goes to the back panel; no buttons, except the on / off key.

BatterySamsung Galaxy S10

On the issue of battery capacity, Samsung devices have no complaints. The battery lasts for a full day of active use of the device – 4G, games, viewing and shooting 4K video and long-term use of the device at the maximum display brightness, which should significantly “exhaust” the smartphone.

However, recently Korean specialists are actively working on a new, solid-state type of battery. This is evidenced by all sorts of reports, as well as news from Samsung. Developers’ plans include the introduction of new batteries in their wearable gadgets, and then the mass production of solid-state batteries for electric cars. According to experts, this will increase the capacity of the charge, while the dimensions of the battery will be quite compact.

For the future, the Galaxy S10 is at least a couple of hours of work and minus a couple of centimeters in the thickness of the device. However, no accurate data on this issue yet. Therefore, it remains only to hope for the success of developers to release a smartphone.

Galaxy S10 Features

One only design, screen and new processor to win the tops of sales certainly will not work. Therefore, Samsung Galaxy S10 is simply obliged to have its own characteristics. Everyone knows that Samsung specialists have been working on introducing a fingerprint scanner into the device display for a long time. However, it was not possible to achieve the desired result. According to forecasts of critics, by the release of the Galaxy S10, Korean developers have to finish work on a fingerprint scanner in the display.

In addition, we should not forget that Samsung has not yet presented its analogue of Face ID technology, which is popular with iPhone X users. The iris and face scanner even in tandem does not provide the comfort of use provided by Apple . To compare the security of the Face ID and the face scanner and the iris of the eye Samsung simply does not make sense – alas, the fruit winner is obvious.

Also, there is information that the Samsung C10 will hide speakers — both conversational and stereo — under its display. This is evidenced by Samsung data, which speak about the new development of the company’s specialists. Judging by the opinion of experts, with the right approach of the developers, the result should be a “wow” effect. At the same time, the maximum volume of the device should not suffer. We hope that everything will be successful in the Korean laboratories.

Despite the demands of users to make the future flagship extremely frameless, the company still has some difficulties, even at the design concept stage. In particular, by abandoning the framework, the device risks remaining without space for the front camera. According to experts, for the location of the matrix camera for self, in the upper part of the device, you must select at least 3-5 millimeters. Accordingly, the Galaxy S10 will not be so frameless. At least in the upper part for sure.

The solution to this problem could be a mechanical sliding front camera module. However, the Korean experts cut it off even at the concept stage, explaining that the risk of device breakdowns increases with this module. In addition, to introduce something mechanical into a new product, while more and more all over the world are refusing this – is absurd.

For dessert, we left the most interesting. Perhaps, in S10 a revolutionary single-chip system will be implemented in a single bundle of processor, graphics module and neural network chip. Such a module will significantly speed up the entire system, as well as its overall performance and efficiency. The work of specialists on this technology is most closely watched by critics and techno-bloggers.

Price Samsung Galaxy S10 Pakistan and the world

With all the features of development, new components and production costs, the cost of the Samsung Galaxy S10 in Pakistan should start from 1,53,120 rupees. For other CIS countries, it may traditionally slightly increase due to local legal peculiarities. However, it is unlikely to be above $ 1,100 equivalent.

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